UNLV Competition Training Recap

It was a day of fun, networking and competition. That's what the 2015 UNLV Academy of Competition consisted of. The Academy kicked off with a brief opening session lead by the UNLV collegiate DECA alumni and Nevada DECA state President, Cindy Kim.

Later on, the members departed to a room in which we all had the privilege to hear Curtis Haley, Nevada DECA state director, speak to us about how to rock a role play. Members were able to learn how to picture future success and more importantly how to obtain it.

After receiving the key factors of a successful role play the members were able to practice a sample role play with a partner. This activity promoted the idea of having a wise judgement, learning from others and most importantly it allowed them to fix common mistakes before stepping into the room with their real judge.

Another activity that the members did, while waiting to be called for their role play, was play DECA Jeopardy. The game consisted of 6 teams, each with a mix of 7-10 members from each chapter. This game allowed them to not only to practice teamwork and networking, but they also learned a lot of the basic knowledge that each DECA cluster consists of.

As a final touch to this amazing conference, the members had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with their judges and share the main factors that they were looking. This helped them see the specifics of what judges look for and it was a huge asset for those who are in it to win it at SCDC.

Finally, the awards ceremony, the part that everyone was waiting for! Awards were given by the Nevada DECA state officers and were given to those who score a 70 or above. The outcome was great, over 50% of the members received medallions, which showed that Curtis’ workshop was a total success, as well as the conference as a whole.

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