UNLV Hosts ICDC Training!

The 2015 DECA ICDC Competition Training took place at UNLV  on Saturday, March 7th. UNLV DECA and a variety of other chapters throughout Nevada DECA took the challenge on improving multiple aspects of competition. The participants of the training received a comprehensive presentation on the keys they will need to shine at ICDC, such as tips and tricks for success, in-depth explanation of identifying and implementing the performance indicators, the 4 I's and many more skills.

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Curtis Haley, the Nevada DECA State Director, did a fantastic job of leading the session and sharing his own personal keys to success . Starting by going through the 4 I’s (Introduce, Invert, Impress, and In conclusion), the participants learned many crucial tips on how to hit a home-run on a role-play from beginning to end. Haley had also demonstrated how you could have a powerful and impactful conclusion simply by asking the judge if they have any questions. The “Tell ‘em what you told ‘em” strategy was also emphasized during the training, which provides brevity and instills a lasting impression on your judge. Remember, by having an enthusiastic attitude, a firm handshake, and great eye contact,  you will be on your way to the podium at ICDC!

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All in all, the competition training was a huge success. It was an enthusiastic environment for students going to ICDC to learn and make improvements on their game. To see if this training pays, we will have to wait for the final results at ICDC! Nevada DECA is excited to see its members shine in Orlando. Best of luck to all competitors next month!

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