Rex Burnham – VP of Career Development

Rex Burnham and is a third year DECA student, the current Nevada DECA Vice President of Career Development and a rising junior at the Davidson Academy. Rex has been very successful in competition, winning first place in ASM for the past two years, second place in BTDM, a finalist slot in the Helena Lagos scholarship and placing as an international finalist at ICDC. Rex’s top three college picks are Dartmouth, Columbia and Duke, and he hopes to major in economics and eventually work as an investor. Rex aims to find a job that is both sustainable and benevolent, leaving a positive impact on the world while also supporting himself in the process. In his free time, Rex tutors students with learning disabilities and climbs on a local competitive team, as well as skiing in the winter.

“DECA is more than just an organization - It’s like a family to me. Every year, I get to meet new people, visit fantastic locations and share amazing experiences with fellow students who are all here for the same reason I am. I recommend DECA to any student, whether they are extremely interested in business or simply want to meet new friends and attend amazing events.”