Justin Ferguson, Nevada DECA’s Vice-President of Finance, is a third year DECA member and a junior at the Davidson Academy. He won second in Principles of Finance his freshman year and placed third in both his events, accounting applications and financial consulting, at SCDC 2019.

His trip to ICDC during his freshman year was the first time he encountered the thrill of international competition and the shockingly delicious fried chicken found in the Southern states. He hopes to more share more ICDC experiences with Nevada DECA members in the future.

To Justin, DECA represents a unique opportunity to exercise and develop vital business-related skills that will be needed in any industry or field. He believes that the intellectual and emotional intelligence required to succeed in DECA are the same skills vital to success in the workforce.

When not fulfilling his DECA responsibilities, Academics are incredibly important to Justin. He dedicates time to his studies, but after school, DECA is his priority. As the Vice-President of Finance, he works frequently with his fellow officers to help Nevada DECA succeed.

Justin plans to attend a college specializing in business and finance. He wants to achieve a degree in finance and go on to a graduate school of business. The University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University are among his top choices for college.

In his free time, Justin plays baseball for his local high school and shreds jazzy tunes in the Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra. He enjoys following the stock market on a daily basis and encourages members to contact him if they have any questions or ideas relating to finance.