West Career and Technical Academy had an awesome time celebrating DECA month this year! From November 23rd to the 24th, the chapter hosted a schoolwide PBL (Project Based Learning). Once a semester, West CTA takes a break from its regularly scheduled classes, and completes a schoolwide project. In the past, PBL topics have included school lunches, bullying, and college preparation. This year, the topic was “All About CTSOs.” West CTA DECA took full advantage of the two PBL days, and spread the word about DECA around campus.

The chapter hosted a mini conference, and opened it up to the entire student body. 269 students participated, and they all got a taste of what SCDC will be like this year! On day one of the PBL, they attended workshops hosted by West CTA DECA chapter officers. The workshops covered a wide variety of topics: Public Speaking, Team Building, Etiquette, and Leadership Styles. The chapter officers worked hard to make each workshop the very best it could be, and in each room, they led the students in fun, interactive activities.

Day two of the PBL was all about competition. Students had already taken their career cluster exams, and they were ready to compete! The setup was modeled after State Conference, with West CTA teachers acting as judges. After the roleplays, students felt much more comfortable with the competition aspect of DECA, and many expressed interest in attending SCDC in February.

Katie Erickson, West CTA DECA Chapter President, said, “PBL was an overwhelmingly beneficial experience for our chapter.” State Secretary Alison Ryu felt the same way. As a student at West CTA, she was able to watch the chapter officers in action. “I’m beyond proud of the chapter officer team. They demonstrated incredible leadership during this PBL, and their enthusiasm for DECA was awesome.” Congratulations West CTA DECA for putting on such a successful event, and we look forward to seeing you at State Conference!