Welcome Back, Nevada DECA!

Greetings Nevada DECA Members and Advisors!

As the summer draws to a close, Nevada DECA would like to welcome all of you to another exciting school year! As you may know, Nevada DECA decided to mix it up this summer by keeping all of you updated through short Facebook video reminders.  Well, that is not all Nevada DECA has to offer this year!

In addition to the national theme, Be Epic, your state officers would like to introduce a statewide theme this year: Generate. With this innovative modern age, we hope “Generate” represents the potential Nevada DECA can accomplish. Under this state-wide theme, we have three main campaigns:

  • Project Generation

Through this membership campaign, we have three main goals to be presented at a later date. However, the overall vision of this campaign is to advocate the benefits of DECA as well as increase membership.

  • Project Generosity

This year, Nevada DECA will also be introducing a community service campaign, the charity of which will be decided by all of you. A survey will be emailed out at a later date.

  • Project Ingenuity

Through this additional campaign, Nevada DECA hopes to enhance your skills by providing more opportunities to do so.

We hope you are as excited as we are as we embark on this amazing journey with you. Stay tuned for more and enjoy the rest of the summer. Get ready to GENERATE your excitement Nevada DECA as we strive to make this year EPIC!


Nevada DECA