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Welcome Back to a New DECA Year!

Welcome back, Nevada DECA!

Our Summer of DECA has come to an end and the new school year has just kicked off. I hope everyone is settling in and preparing to have an amazing DECA year. Your State Officer Team and I have been working very hard to make sure this year is LIMITLESS for all of you.

We have many events coming up later in the year like our Fall Leadership Rally and the Western Region Leadership Retreat, but I would like to discuss a few tips and tricks I use to hit the ground running when it comes to succeeding in high school.

High school can be extremely overwhelming, especially when your course load seems to exponentially increase every year. There are a few tricks that I use when I feel like I need to be more efficient.

Taking advantage of downtime is extremely important when aiming to be successful in your classes. Almost all teachers give homework, and although it seems like it’s there to increase your stress levels, most of it is beneficial for you. When you have downtime like waiting for the bus, waiting for practice to start, or waiting for the doctor to see you, try pulling out your homework and getting as much done as you can. These short periods of downtime throughout the day add up and you will immediately see how working instead of checking Snapchat can save you quite a bit of time in the long run.

Another tip that I like to use is the application of timers when doing homework. Instead of telling yourself that the homework is due the next day, set a timer for how long it should take you to complete the assignment. Giving yourself a short-term goal allows for adrenaline rush and gives you a push of productivity.

For more tips on being productive in life, I would recommend two books: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and "The 12 Week Year" are great books that give you plenty of tips on how to become more productive inside and outside the classroom.

We're excited for the year that's ahead of us. But more importantly, we're excited to meet you soon and share an INFINITE year of experiences with you.

- Aria Khiabani, State President