What We Love About DECA

Nevada DECA is filled with many driven and fervently ambitious young members who have been affected by our organization in different ways. Each individual has a different story, a unique way that they connected with DECA and stayed with it. Whether that is through competition, networking, or fundraising, people have found an aspect of DECA that has really stuck with them. Some members have been able to procure amazing opportunities they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise, and others have felt a link with this organization, running for chapter office, state office, and even international executive office!  As a cheers to another DECA-filled school year starting up, here are a couple different members and their stories about how they came to love DECA.

Deanna Tiao, our own Vice President of Publicity says, “DECA was the first organization I joined, and the first one I fell in love with. DECA provides me with an opportunity to network, compete, and truly lead. Thank you, DECA!”

Deanna DECA Headshot

Maya Gupta, a first year member of Nevada DECA, placed this past year at SCDC and then went on to place in the Top Ten at ICDC as well. She responds, “I love DECA because of the confidence it has given me. Before this competition, I didn’t know I could win. But now I know that I have what it takes!”


This is Abe Moya, an involved member of Nevada DECA that even attended ICDC this past year. When asked about this topic, he replied, “I love DECA because it paves successful future paths. I am living testimony of this! Because of DECA I was able to acquire a job as an intern with Congresswoman Dinus Titus and then a job with GoToCollegeNV!”


Alyssa Nikoley is a passionate and motivated individual who has been a part of DECA for a while. She has served on numerous social media correspondent teams for different various DECA events and competitions and is always positive and eager to She says, “I love DECA because it lets me say I have a passion for something (and use the word DECAcated)! DECA was also a chance for me to step out of a comfort zone and make connections with people that last a lifetime.”


Now that you’ve been able to read about some of our fellow members’ stories, we want to know YOUR DECA story. Tweet @NevadaDECA and share with us what you LOVE about DECA, and you might just get retweeted. Hope you all have great school year!