What Your 2012-2013 State Officer Team Has in Store for You

Every year, Nevada DECA has the opportunity to elect a new team of state officers at the State Career and Development Conference (SCDC). While there is no doubt that every candidate is well qualified, the members have to decide and elect who they believe will best serve their organization. Throughout caucusing, speeches, and campaign booths, a team was elected. The members of Nevada DECA elected Ikya Kandula for Northern Nevada Vice President, Cassandra Taylor for Southern Nevada Vice President, Valerie Cana for Vice President of Publicity, Desiree Tolentino for Vice President of Membership, Helena Lagos for Secretary, and Daniela Sanchez for President. The 2012-2013 State Officer team is honored to be serving such an amazing state of DECA members. They are a team of very passionate leaders who aim to achieve big goals for the

success of Nevada DECA.

In mid-March, the newly elected State Officers came together for their very first meeting and have already decided on three big goals they want to achieve as a part of their Program of Work. “It’s a great privilege,” says Sanchez, Nevada DECA President “to be a part of a team who has the ability to adjust and set up new and exciting goals for our organization.”

This year the State Officer team is dedicated to revamping the organization’s social media outlets to increase communication and participation among the members. They also plan to conduct consistent middle school visits in order to reach out to youngergenerations and increase membership for years to come. For their last big goal, the State Officer team aims to assist with Southwest Career and Technical Academy’s

Clark County School District (CCSD)  annual DECA Picnic. They aspire to further push Nevada DECA up the ladder of success by getting full participation from all of the members!

This year’s team of State Officers are working hard to give Nevada DECA members the help they need to get the full DECA experience. They have set high expectations for themselves and can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have on the organization!  The State Officer Team

encourages you to join in on the fun and stay updated by liking the Nevada DECA Facebook page, following them on the Nevada DECA Twitter account, and visiting the website every once in a while to see if there have been any uploads of videos or information on upcoming events. If you have any questions, whether it’s on competition or the website, please don’t hesitate to contact the State Officers. They can’t wait to meet and serve the great members of Nevada DECA this year!