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Why Run for State Office?

As the new year is approaching, so is our State Career and Development Conference! At state, one of the major events that take place is the election for new State Officers. Throughout the year, members gain the interest of becoming an association officer, and let us tell you, it’s definitely an experience to remember! Here are some reason’s why you should run for State Office:

1. Tremendous Opportunities

The Nevada DECA State Officer Program provides State Officers multiple opportunities to gain leadership skills, learn critical thinking, improve their planning and organization skills, become stronger speakers, demonstrate initiative, and much more. Being a state officer requires dedication and hard work, but the opportunities it provides makes it all worth it!

2. Become a Networking Pro

Along with the many opportunities you may experience, being a State Officer allows you to network like never before. Traveling to multiple conferences throughout the year gives you the chance to meet other State Officers and build strong relationships. By the time your term is over, you will know someone from every state! Also, working with a team builds a connection that you may treasure for life.

3. Life-long Leadership

As a State Officer, you are responsible for planning for conferences, projects, and campaigns that will take place throughout the year. Although it may sound nerve-wrecking, being able to serve as leaders allows you to step up and grow in your leadership. The experiences you have as State Officers will be extremely useful for any future positions that deal with all types of leadership, whether it’s being a CEO, doctor, or even teacher!

4. Achieve Your Dream

As members, you have many ideas that may benefit the association overall. As State Officers, you have the ability to create your own Program of Work, a year-long program that consists of projects and assignments. With any goals that you have in mind, you can share them with your team and develop a plan to fulfill that dream!


Being a State Officer is not just about the traveling aspect or the cool uniform and name badges. This year-long responsibility can transform your life into something bigger and better! If you have the drive to succeed and the encouragement and dedication to get the job done, State Office is definitely for you!